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Commitment Platform


We will soon be launching the much anticipated CitiesWithNature Commitment Platform. This platform will provide a space for local and subnational governments to commit to taking action and set targets in line with the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

These commitments will be shared on each city and region’s profile page to demonstrate their ambitions in the future, with cities and regions able to define their own goals in pursuit of the 2030 milestone and 2050 vision of “Living in harmony with Nature.” The actions and targets shared on the commitment platform will form the basis of a robust monitoring and reporting mechanism for cities to measure their progress through an interactive and dynamic web interface.

The platform, designed to support urban action, will capture contributions from local and subnational governments to achieve the global biodiversity agenda and inspire collective action. It will track trends over time and demonstrate, through ratcheting up, the critical role of local and subnational governments in delivering the Post-2020 GBF. A suite of new features on CitiesWithNature will support the commitment platform and enhance the user experience. Watch this space!


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