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CitiesWithNature is proud to host UrbanByNature

The global programme for empowering urban nature pioneers, aligned with the Nature Pathway’s  journey for cities to become CitiesWithNature



What is UrbanByNature?

UrbanByNature is an expertise-sharing and capacity-building programme to empower local governments all around the world to harness the boundless potential of nature for sustainable urban development.

Fuelled by science-supported implementation of nature-based solutions, UrbanByNature offers support to cities as they embark on the journey to becoming CitiesWithNature. The programme aims to bring together established and aspiring urban nature pioneers from local governments, civil society and businesses to co-create a nature-based, sustainable and resilient urban future.

Registration and YouTube Channel

Register here to receive updates on webinars and events directly via e-mail.

If you want to see the inputs from past activities of the programme, check out the CitiesWithNature’s YouTube channel.



Designed to be flexible and adaptable to a diverse range of questions and expertise and to diverse backgrounds and regions, the programme’s co-creative approach enables active engagement and the sharing of knowledge. The programme is powered by ICLEI Europe with contributions from more than 30 partners (cities, researchers, practitioners and experts) from the Connecting Nature project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.. The project’s 11 cities are sharing their expertise in planning for and using urban nature’s potential and are keen to exchange with other cities from around the globe.

How does UrbanByNature support the CitiesWithNature Journey?

Following an integrated approach, UrbanByNature’s conceptual framework is aligned with the methodology applied in the CitiesWithNature Nature Pathway, which has 27 prompts to guide cities and regions on a dynamic and interactive journey towards mainstreaming urban nature in planning and development processes, while sharing their work at each step along the way.


Register now to join CitiesWithNature, the growing global network of cities who are on the journey to mainstreaming nature through the Nature Pathway, and enjoy the added-value support from the UrbanbyNature programme along the way.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730222.

By prioritising, restoring, conserving, and planning with urban nature, collective action at the local level will contribute to the sustainability and resilience of our urban habitats.


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