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World Parks Week 2020 Webinar: CitiesWithNature- Access to nature during pandemics

This webinar brought together speakers from cities and city networks around the world, sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the role that nature (and specifically urban parks) is playing in urban life at this current moment, in light of COVID-19.

We explored the increased appreciation of parks and nature at this time, indicating what the role of nature will be in the future of our cities. We heard from a diverse range of perspectives, acknowledging that the situation is contextual and different in each part of the world.

The webinar also discussed and compared experiences, approaches, and responses from a variety of contexts and provided a space for reflection and discussion.


Timothy Blatch (ICLEI)


Peter Massini (Greater London Authority)

Mas Dojiri (City of Los Angeles)

Joëlle Roy LeFrançois (Ville de Montreal)

Errol Douwes (City of Durban)

David Callow (City of Melbourne)

Jayne Miller (Chair, WUP)


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